A Little Bliss in Every Bite

Cake O’Licious is a premium brand committed to producing high-quality and wide variety of designer cakes. We design personalized, over-the-top designs that delight not only the eye but the taste buds. We made a dreamy, creamy, desert that always delights.

Add a personal touch to any celebration with one of our specially designed custom cakes. The classic recipe is perfect for any celebration and easy enough for the whole family to be the part of baking fun. Our cake are moist, rich, spongy, and velvety topped with the cloud of sweet, fluffy, sprinkles and many more of your desired taste.

Sublime Treats

We are not creating cakes only, we are creating happiness. We baked to perfection that makes a utterly divine cake to satisfy your cravings.

We Deliver Your Happiness

Cake O’Licious celebrate the joys, accomplishments, momentous occasions and wonders of life. The flavors and the subtle differences that comes out of our cake will truly make you a believer in our products. Customer satisfaction is our quality and we go all-out to bake the best customized cake. Cake O’Licious strive for superlative cake for customers and be the portion of their happiness in their gratified moments.